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Valley Carpenter Bee

Pollinator Week Movie: Talking to the Bees

I could not resist posting this video, because….well. Who better to explain pollination than Isabella Rossellini!!  Also, the bee pollen basket and waggle dance explanations are quite delightful.  Enjoy!

Bees and Pesticides (again)

(Latest in my series of bee posts for Scientopia) The same day that I published my piece about bees and pesticides, the Pesticide Action Network released a report titled Honey Bees and Pesticides: State of the […]

Bees and STDs

Solitary bees have parasites too.


I’m actually talking about this vine, not a specific situation. It’s all over the place at my new job, and it needs to be removed. Unfortunately, many of our volunteers are….folks of a certain age. […]

Bees and silk

Several other insects besides silkworms make silk, but not much has been known about the structure of those compounds. Bee and ant larvae produce silk and, although the silks in all these species are produced […]

A corporate merger I didn’t expect

Burt’s Bees purchased by Clorox From Forbes Magazine: “The Burt’s Bees brand is well-anchored in sustainability and health and wellness, and we believe it will benefit from natural and “green” tailwinds,” said Clorox Chief Executive […]

The Bee Movie: a review

So much is going on in this movie in terms of entomological nonsense, I decided to review it twice. Movie rating: Scientific accuracy rating: As a movie, and a way to kill an hour and […]

More about McDonalds, The Bee Movie, and Conservation International

Earlier this week I was ranting about being contacted by a non-profit nature organization (CI) to plug the mal-nutritious “happy meal” associated with the Bee Movie. I found the happy meal suspect, the movie missing […]