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The Bee Movie, McDonalds, and greenwashing

W00t! I got another interesting contact from a PR person. This one was from Conservation International, which has “partnered” with McDonalds to promote a “healthier” Happy Meal in conjunction with the marketing of the Bee […]

Bee Documentary on PBS

I almost didn’t find out about this! Thanks to Paul for letting me know! “From crop fields to hi-tech labs, scientists and bee experts are investigating a rapidly unfolding ecological nightmare. The Silence of the […]

Hive of suspects

Title: Hive of Suspects Author: Shelia Pim Bug Rating: Synopsis: Rich beekeeper poisoned after eating honey from his own hives in small Irish town. Who dunnit? I think the reason I picked up this book […]

Interesting new native bee research

The posts I wrote on colony collapse disorder, or “disappearing bee disease” continue to get traffic, so I wanted to mention this interesting new paper: Native bees provide insurance against ongoing honey bee losses “One […]