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Pardon me–is this stool taken?

Entomology has a unique advantage over other sciences.   Physicists like to boast about their giant Hadron, but they needed the help of large federal programs to get it up. Entomologists know that it’s not all […]

Ben the Overly Literal Dermestid Beetle

And he’s got a bone to pick! I can’t believe I am just now finding out about this. Today’s topic: “_____gate”.  You can’t just go around making prefixes and suffixes out of any syllables you […]

An Inordinate Fondness #12

I’m trying (trying!) to do more blogging, and what better way than to host a blog carnival?  So welcome to the 12th edition of An Inordinate Fondness, the monthly blog carnival devoted to beetles.  In […]

The Stout Scarab

Apparently it’s Insect Car Week at the Bug Blog! I think everyone knows the Volkswagen Beetle–the iconic Coleopteran car. But how many of you have heard of the 1935 Stout Scarab? “The Stout Scarab was […]

Fossil Dung Balls

Once again, very busy, but I had to write this, just for the post title.  From a news release: “A new study of 30-million-year-old-fossil ‘mega-dung’ from extinct giant South American mammals, published in Palaeontology, reveals […]

Scholarship for youth beetle enthusiasts!

Just saw this on our 4H website: Youth Incentive Award Program (Entomology – Beetles) What: The Coleopterists Society provides two cash awards of $150, and up to $200 (Junior Award) and $400 (Senior Award) of […]

Ladybugs and Citizen Science

There is a neat new project out for you to participate in: The Lost Ladybug Project. From a press release about the project: “scientists are looking for rare species, such as the nine-spotted, two-spotted and […]

The other beetle-hunter

Today, July 1st, 150 years ago, the joint paper of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace was read to the Linnean Society of London: “On the tendency of species to form varieties, and on the […]

Teach the Controversy

PZ highlighted a great t-shirt, but he missed the best one, which I have shown here: Why aren’t we teaching the Truth about the Scarab beetle, Khepri? “the Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle came […]