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Mating and Courtship in Peacock Spiders

Rejoice! Jürgen Otto has released a new Peacock spider video! Male Peacock spiders (jumping spiders in the genus Maratus) have a pair of colourful abdominal flaps which they extend during courtship to attract a female. […]

Spider Disco

The jumping spiders have always been one of my favorite groups. Even the most hardened arachnophobe usually will admit they are kinda cute. And now there is wonderful footage of some jumping spiders gettin’ it […]

More Bugs N’ Drugs

As a follow-up on the Bees on Cocaine post, I give you: Hoppers on Prozac. Serotonin Mediates Behavioral Gregarization Underlying Swarm Formation in Desert Locusts. Michael L. Anstey, Stephen M. Rogers, Swidbert R. Ott, Malcolm […]