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Will we have fruit in a future without bees?

Do people really still hand pollinate orchards in China? And why don’t they just get more bees?

Planet of the Arthropods

The IUCN has a report out that suggests over 20% of invertebrate species are at risk of extinction. That is a big deal, and we should be worried.

Volunteers needed for Great Basin BioBlitz!

I am a huge fan of BioBlitz days.  For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a BioBlitz is basically a plan to document and count as many species as possible in a 24-hour time period. […]

Science and Public Policy Survey

You might have heard of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation as a sponsor for NPR or PBS shows about nature or environmental issues. They have awarded a grant to The Keystone Center to conduct a […]

Public Health Webinars!

I’m always interested in new educational resources, and I found a treasure trove of stuff at the Alabama Department of Public Health Training Network’s On Demand Webcasts. One I especially liked: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and […]