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Signs of Spring: Hummingbirds

Finally, signs of spring are beginning to show here in New England. Birds are singing, and hopefully some of our tiny, shiny little migrants will be returning soon. There is a Citizen Science project you […]

Mercury in Birds and Bats

I want to highlight this research report for a couple of reasons.   First, it’s a summary of a lot of research on birds and bats–and it is alarming.  Major findings include: Current environmental mercury loads have […]

Roaches and Woodpecker Conservation

Most humans–and I include quite a few entomologists in that category–love to hate roaches.  This is a sad thing, because the vast majority of roaches never set foot (feet?) in a kitchen.  The few species […]


Today’s Tuesday Photo is of an adorable little skipper butterfly, courtesy of Shubhada Nikharge.  And yes, it is taking a drink from what you think it is–bird poop.  Bird droppings have a lot of nitrogen, as […]


A fabulous new development in louse control! I’ve written before about the problem of head lice becoming resistant to commonly used pesticides, making treatment much more difficult.  A new device received approval from the FDA […]

I don’t do Thursdays

Swamped–and identifying with this great horned owl. I need more coffee. (and thanks to furgots, for the loan of her photo.)

Things change (thank goodness)

Discovered this interesting historic document today. I had read before that it was common to hunt raptors of all kinds in the past because they were considered “pests”. But… this makes it a whole lot […]

Raptor Lesson Plans!

Ooooh…just stumbled over this and thought I would share. The University of Minnesota Raptor Center has a section of lesson plans related to raptors! I especially liked the ones involving math and graphing of data. […]

The Feather Trade

We are in the process of upgrading some materials around where I work, and as a consequence we’ve been looking for materials about birds, conservation, and the historic use of birds and bird parts in […]