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How To Deal with Blog Spam

Sometimes you just need to amuse yourself.

ehrmahgerd bertles!

Insect Carl Sagan and science communication

The latest buzz going round the online science community is an article that suggests that scientists might not be doing enough to communicate with the public.  Scicurious wrote an excellent reply. I struggled to find […]


I am taking some time off.

Social Media Tips and Tricks #2: Read Smarter

Welcome to part 2 of the series on social media! This series of tips will focus on how to make your online reading more efficient. Social Media Tip #4: Work Smarter, not Harder.  I love […]

ScienceOnline2012 Postmortem (and a book review)

When I got back from ScienceOnline, my boss asked me how it went.  (I was sort of AWOL from the first week of class, and she was not real thrilled about that.)   “It was […]

Thanks Giving

Just before I left for the ESA conference on Nov. 13th, this happened: Yep, shot past the 1 million mark.  The actual number is probably higher; this counter doesn’t include RSS feeds and subscriptions, as […]

Transcript of my ESA talk about Social Media

Sorry this took so long to create! This is the transcript of my Entomological Society of America talk that I posted last week. I have taken the liberty of editing and prettifying things up, and including […]

How to become an online social media goddess

As promised (threatened?) here is the first draft of my Entomological Society of America Talk. I will probably update this later on, and I invite feedback.  Clearly, I need to cut even more out to […]

Anonymous Entomological Punditry on the Internet

[This is part of a series of posts about writing, entomology, and career development that are linked to my upcoming Entomological Society of America talk in November.] I get a surprising number of emails from reporters asking […]