How To Deal with Blog Spam

If you’ve been blogging for a while, or if you have a decent amount of traffic, you’re going to start getting these emails. It’s basically a form letter, asking if you would let some blogger corporate shill do a guest post, or offering to write a post for you.


This particular one is pretty standard; note that the template has some non sequiturs where the template breaks.  (Also, SNORF at “related to the niche of our sex shop.”)

The typical setup if you agree is the spammer provides a blog post that is shot through with links to their shop or to marketing partners. That creates more links for them and more Google Juice, as well as increases their exposure. They don’t want to pay for this, of course.

The letters I get are usually from pesticide companies, although I did get a bunch like this right after I wrote my post about SpiderMan’s penis.  I’ve found that if I reply with a completely off-the-wall request, but make it seem serious, they run away and never come back.  You want to sound like you are both in earnest and completely unhinged.

This was my reply.

spam response

Have never heard from this company or person again :D

I’m not sure if I would recommend this as a method of dealing with all the spam requests I receive, but it amuses me, and probably wastes some of the spammer’s time. So we’re even.