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Circus of the Spineless #39

I’m not sure how I managed to not host CoS before today, but I didn’t! CoS is a migratory blog carnival that specializes in all things spineless, because those are the IMPORTANT animals. Neener to […]

ScienceBlogs gets with the (insect) program

Hey! Welcome to the newest ScienceBlogger, Photo-Synthesis! Look familiar? It’s actually Alex from Myrmecos! Congrats Alex!


I will resume regular posting on St. Urho’s Day! I suspect I’ll be posting less often, simply because the complexity of my life continues to expand. Besides, things have really changed online since 2005, and […]

Skeptics’ Circle on Thursday

Just wanted to mention that I’ll be hosting the first Skeptics’ Circle of 2009 this Thursday. You can find the guidelines for post submission here.  If you want to submit a post, you can find […]

Reminder: Thursday Debauchery in Milwaukery

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that as a Part of the Global Skepchick World Domination Project™, Elyse will be joining me and a few insect and/or Skepchick fans at the “Knuckles” bar in this hotel […]

Skeptics’ Circle up!

I’m driving to Milwaukee most of today, so how about you go read the 92nd edition of the Skeptics’ Circle over at LayScience?  It’s the Olympic version! Well done Martin :)

Happy Blogging News

I am happy to report that the lawsuit against Kathleen Seidel (a blogger that covers vaccines and how they are NOT related to autism) has been tossed out of court–and the lawyer that filed it […]

Don’t Blog with AP Stories

Well, this is really odd. And rather alarming. The Associated Press has sued Drudge for quoting their headline and a few sentences of a story on a blog. Which, frankly, all of us do all […]

Posting on the interwebs using your real name

I thought it was interesting that as I am struggling with the issue of anonymity, Feministe was also discussing this issue.  It seems like women especially come in for abuse online–something I’ve mentioned before. (And […]