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Chilly climate for blogging?

Lately I’ve been wrestling with whether I want to keep working on the Bug Blog. When I started in 2005, there were few insect bloggers out there–now there’s a pretty good group of folks. And, […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 3.3.08

So many cool things on the web right now! Zooilogix has an interview with Justin Schmidt, the originator of the Schmidt pain index. Ugly Overload reports on a new species of tick spider. (it isn’t […]

Carnival time: Leap Year edition!

Yep, it’s up at Conspiracy Factory. Check it out! A lovely tribute to Star Wars. (No Jar Jar Binks, thank goodness!) Also, Carnival of the Spineless is up at Dendroica! Some very cool insect finds […]

Blog Milestone

Today, I hit a personal goal: I cracked 40,000 on Technorati: Blog Rank: 39,614 It’s meaningless. It’s completely artificial. And I’m totally geeked about it. ‘Cause for a blog less than one year old about […]

FSBO houses, radio, and other news

I listed our house at FSBO.com last night, and today I’m looking in our local newspaper…and discovering that over 150 houses are in foreclosure in my county alone. Oh dear. They aren’t kidding about Michigan […]

Vote early, vote often

An end of the year reminder: you may wish to nominate someone for the “Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2007” anthology. This is a great opportunity to bring a nature blogger to […]

Professor Avatar

Because I don’t have the $$ to read the full version of Chronicle of Higher Education, I usually scan through InsideHigherEd. (It’s sort of a Reader’s Digest version of the Chronicle, and free.) There was […]

I totally suck at memes

I have completely lost track of how many memes I’ve been tagged with. I know Andrea tagged me months ago for a thinking blogger meme; Catalog of Organisms hit me with a viral chain letter, […]

The female science blogger thing

I mentioned last week that The Scientist was looking for people to vote on their favorite science bloggers. It seemed that none of the 7 folks they initially asked to name favorites to kick off […]