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Evolution Comic Book

NCSE just announced the release of a new comic book about evolution! Evolution: the Story of Life on Earth. Jay Hosler (text), Kevin and Zander Cannon (illustrations). This book will be released January 4th, 2011. […]

Brian Dunning’s DDT Fail

Why do smart people sometimes fall for hoaxes?

Shellac: also not a beetle

I got Bill Bryson’s new book “At Home” from my library, and have been happily reading about the history of houses. Except. When I got to the chapter “The Drawing Room”, I discovered a rather […]

Operation Gadfly: Bug Minions, Activate!

I have a cunning plan (with apologies to Baldrick).  I’m applying to this job with LibraryThing: “LibraryThing is hiring a bookish, social-media savvy employee. We want someone passionate about books and about book lovers, and […]


Author: Michael Perry Bug Rating: I always get books from the library, mainly because I really don’t like spending money when I don’t have to. (Some call this being a “cheap bastard”. Personally, I consider […]

About my Nook

Um, no. Not THAT nook. No, this is about my big experiment with an e-reader. I always thought that I was wedded to the book as a tactile object as well as a reading experience.  […]

National Pollinator Week 2010

Yep, it’s that time of year again! “A World of Pollinators” is the theme for 2010 National Pollinator Week. Here’s a tip: “Island Press Pollinator Special – To celebrate Pollinator Week, Island Press will offer […]

Sunday Insect Art

BibliOdyssey finds more lovely old insect art! I had a hard time deciding which to focus here, so went with a peanut-head (also known as a lantern-fly).  They are related to neither peanuts or flies; […]

Guest Blogger: David Gracer

Hey Everyone! I invited David over to announce some exciting entomophagy news–a way to get all the past issues of the Food Insects Newsletter!   Here’s what David has to say: “It’s a great day for […]