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Did insects kill the dinosaurs?

This looks like a pretty interesting book, hot off the press (Today!) from Princeton University Press: What Bugged the Dinosaurs? Insects, Disease and Death in the Cretaceous. 2008. George and Roberta Poinar. From a press […]

Vote early, vote often

An end of the year reminder: you may wish to nominate someone for the “Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2007” anthology. This is a great opportunity to bring a nature blogger to […]

New post at Skepchick: Porn and Libraries

Yes, after a long hiatus, I posted something over at Skepchick! Seems a lady discovered there was PORN (i.e, romance novels) in her public library! And they let her teenager check one out! And the […]

Americans: still not reading books

I really wanted my first post after Turkeyday to be happier, but this is so important, I wanted to mention it. I’m a compulsive reader. I’ll read an instruction manual if I’m stuck somewhere without […]

Hive of suspects

Title: Hive of Suspects Author: Shelia Pim Bug Rating: Synopsis: Rich beekeeper poisoned after eating honey from his own hives in small Irish town. Who dunnit? I think the reason I picked up this book […]

Will the internet doom us all?

I read a very interesting book review today at the Academic Commons. “Andrew Keen insists he is neither anti-technology nor anti-progress. Yet this veteran of the dot com era begins his recent book, The Cult […]

Pop Fly

For those of you with access to Science magazine, everyone’s favorite entomologist, May Berenbaum,  reviews “Fly” this week.  “In Fly, Steven Connor undertakes the monumental task of acquainting a prejudiced public with the spectacular diversity […]

Hot for Words

If you know me, you know that I’m a grammar nerd. And I love to read, and I love words. One of my favorite books is Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Followed closely by Ann Fadiman’s […]

No Child Left Indoors

This is an awesome idea. I wish my ESA (Entomological Society of America) was as cool as the other ESA (Ecological Society of America): “The Ecological Society of America ( ESA ), the nation’s premier […]