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Population: 485

Author: Michael Perry Synopsis: Loosely joined essays about being a professional writer and a volunteer EMT in a small Wisconsin farming town. And hovercrafts. (no eels.) Bug Rating: I read and really loved the book […]

Teaching to the Test, Science Standards, and 4H

Found a 2 nice reviews of the book “Tested” at Kos. They pretty much outline all the things that make me crazy about No Child Left Behind: “Students are continuously reminded of the importance of […]

“Goddess Blessed” Bees as a plot device

Title: Silver May Tarnish Author: Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie Bug Rating: Synopsis: Noble Boy looses castle. Peasant Girl looses family. Girl can talk to magic bees. Boy and Girl chased by bad guys; “warrior” […]

Literature and stem cells

You can read the 2007 winners of the “Subtle Science” Short Story Competition here, and look at last year’s essays. Also, check out LabLit for even more short stories! Please note that LabLit is proposing […]

Cicada Summer

No, this isn’t an article about the emergence. It’s a book review. Title: Cicada Summer Author: Dallas Releford Bug Rating: Synopsis: The literary equivalent of “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” Only with giant sex-crazed arthropods. […]

Random randomness

1. Extremely good headline: “Legislation would expand law to protect short, fat people” Not that I have any special interest in the success/application of this law…. 2. A beautiful pink jar for leeches! 3. My […]

Rachel Carson and Chemical News

The Editor of Chemical and Engineering News has a wonderful, balanced editorial about the attacks on Rachel Carson, written after re-reading Silent Spring. It’s what I would want to write, if I was able to […]

The Bug Book Rating System

I’ve decided to try to list what I read each month, and to implement a rating system. Here’s my overly elaborate ratings scheme: 1 Roach: Ugh. To be stomped on or thrown away 2 Flies: […]