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Holy F’N Shit

You might remember that I got in trouble in the past for saying what I thought about some cuts to Michigan’s State Budget in early 2009. And that was NOTHING compared to what’s about to […]

Collection Alliance Survey results

In October I posted about a survey by the Natural Science Collections Alliance to see how economic conditions might effect museums and researchers. They have released preliminary results from their survey! 66 percent of survey […]

Reading is Fundamental–Deceased?

In a time when fewer Americans read than ever, Bush has eliminated funding for RIF (Reading is Fundamental) from the 2009 budget. This site has a form for contacting your congressperson and telling them to […]

MI Dept. Natural Resources: Not Dead Yet?

It was only last August that the DNR posted a notice of how much it was cutting back on it’s website. Over 100 positions went vacant; huge cut backs have been made. And now this […]