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Bumble bees of Spring!

Bumbles are one of the first pollinators out in the spring, and the fuzzy adorableness of their bodies helps retain heat.

Lost Bumblebees of Denmark

One of the really cool things about Entomology is there are a lot of opportunities for longitudinal studies. For hundreds of years, bug nerds have been routinely killing and preserving the subjects of their studies, […]

Bumblebee go home!

The Australian government has rejected an application for Bombus terrestris, the large earth bumblebee, to be imported. The bees were to be used in greenhouses for pollinating tomatoes. This particular bee is considered an invasive […]

Bumblebees in peril

The Xerces Society has put a call out for entomologists and naturalists to help document the host ranges–and declines–of several native bumblebee species: “In the late 1990’s, bee taxonomists started to notice a decline in […]