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Butterfly timelapse videos!

Check out this nifty film of painted lady emergence from pupae: It’s particularly interesting to see these color changes as the butterflies develop–and then they suddenly turn a milky color. What’s happening? In preparation for […]

Host Plant Index!

This time of year, when snow is on the ground, seed catalogs begin arriving in mailboxes.  I have always loved Michael Perry’s great line from Truck: “Seed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than […]

Lepidopteran Porn

Busy busy busy today…so look at these lovely butterflies gettin’ it on. This incredible photo of  Apollo (Papilionidae) butterflies is from Angela Wolf. This is an IUCN Red List endangered species, so it’s good to […]

Monarch World Heritage Site!

UNESCO has just added the Monarch Reserve in Mexico to its list of World Heritage sites! “8 July – The World Heritage Committee, meeting for its 32nd session, finished inscribing new sites on UNESCO’s World […]

Beer Can Butterflies

Courtesy of Stonehead, I discovered this lovely artwork by Paul Villinski: An artist making butterflies out of discarded beer cans. From the artist’s statement: “A kind of conceptual unity develops between materials, process and imagery: […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 2.22.08

International Insect eating! Chiang Mai, Thailand – With over 1 400 insect species eaten by humans worldwide, the insect world offers promising possibilities both commercially and nutritionally, FAO said today. A workshop organized by FAO […]

Managing habitat for pollinators

The Xerces Society has a new (and lovely!) publication out: Pollinators in Natural Areas: A Primer on Habitat Management “This primer provides a summary of how land managers can protect and provide habitat for bees, […]

Mexico acts to protect Monarchs

Mexico takes action to try to stop illegal logging: “The 50 million peso (US$4.6 million, €3.1 million) plan will buy equipment and advertising for the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a 124,000-acre (50,180-hectare) wooded park in […]