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Migratory Butterfly Research in Europe

I’m still super busy, so how about you visit LabLit and read about the amazing migration of the Painted Lady Butterfly.  The article is written by a researcher that is putting the butterflies into a […]

25 Butterfly Conservation Scholarships!

This sounds totally nifty. Alas, I have absolutely no excuse to sign up, since I’m not involved in butterfly rearing or restoration, but I really want to go! The Florida Museum of Natural History/McGuire Center […]

Pretty Pollinator Friday

I am way swamped, and have had a rather stressful day, so here’s a pretty photo. Enjoy, and check out Kaycatt‘s other lovely photos.

Pretty Picture Tuesday

Found this lovely shot in Vanessa’s photo stream. This is probably the butterfly known as the “88 butterfly” for patterns on the wings. You may notice there seem to be some legs missing–This family of […]

Pretty Picture Thursday

This lovely photo courtesy of kaycatt.


I’m still super busy, so don’t look for many posts from me for a while! While I’m out, I’ll let you read about the 2008 Butterfly-A-Thon, a project to promote Xerces Society’s efforts to protect […]

Two caterpillars (Minuscule)

This seemed like a nice story for a Wednesday, when one begins to think Friday will never come: