Corporate naming of taxa

Ok, I’m gone, so you guys have the floor. Apparently there is a group that specializes in selling off naming rights to taxa to corporations:

“In recent years, more and more non-profits, from conservation groups to research institutions, have been selling the opportunity to name new species.

With millions of species still to be discovered, the opportunities for fundraising are nearly endless. While clearly a niche market, it’s also a potentially lucrative one, as proven by a high-profile auction that netted $2 million last year for the U.S. non-profit Conservation International.”

(You may remember Conservation International as the group that sold out to McDs for The Bee Movie.)

So–great way to raise cash for underfunded taxonomists? Commercial travesty?


(and I’ll ping 95% and Gossamer Tapestry, since I know they will have an opinion :)  )