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Can eating insects prevent malnutrition?

A wonderful symposium on Entomophagy from the 2010 Entomological Society of America National Meeting is now (mostly) online in a series of videos. I think one of the most interesting was from a a pediatric […]

Have children forgotten how to play?

I meant to post this earlier in the week–it continues some themes covered here in the Bug Blog earlier. Old-Fashioned Play Builds Cognitive Skills “Chudacoff’s recently published history of child’s play argues that for most […]

Children and gardening

A new report by the Cornell Garden Based Learning program: “Researchers have discovered the secrets to enhancing youth participation in school and community-based garden programs. A three-year study entitled “Greener Voices” proves that children will […]

Farm Kids have less asthma

I’ve mentioned before that lots of research suggests being a dirty kid is actually good for you. Some new research was added to the evidence this week: “This study shows that living in a farming […]