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cicada painting

Painting Cicadas

Video showing the creation of a painting about cicadas. Lovely!

cicada painting

Time for Cicadas!

Hurray! Info about these summer singers

It’s too damn hot to blog

So how about another pretty photo?  It’s the time of the year for dog-day cicadas to sing, so this beautiful photo from French Guiana seems appropriate. It’s a biodiversity hot spot in South America I […]

Happy 2011!

To start the new year right, how about a fabulously beautiful cicada?   This photo is from Michael Jefferies.  Thank you, and thank you to all the other Flicker folks for sharing their beautiful work.

Cicada man!

CicadiaMania alerted me to the strange pleasure that is Cicada Man, or Semi Ningen.  Semi Ningen (Cicada-Human) is a character from a very odd 1966 Japanese TV series, Ultra Q.  SN is sent to earth […]

Most Unusual Fashion Accessory Award

I think this qualifies as sexiest use of exuviae* ever! Apparently Shokotan (blogger and hottie) is a big fan of cicadas, and their shed skins.  Since she’s also a big cosplay star, one has to […]

Awesome Cicada Movie

If you liked the little loop I had a while back showing a cicada emerging, you’ll love this–a neat little 6 minute film about the Cicada Life Cycle! Amazing photography! Indiana University also has a […]

Cicada Magic

Cicadas are my other favorite insect, and thanks to Ugly Overload, I found this wonderful video! Enjoy the wonder. There is a fairly extensive amount of info on Michigan Cicadas at the U of M […]