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A beetle of a different sort

Just discovered this–it’s an ad for the new VW Beetle which ran during the Superbowl. For those of you that, like me, were not watching–I give you the 2011 VW Bug. There is a different […]

An Inordinate Fondness #12

I’m trying (trying!) to do more blogging, and what better way than to host a blog carnival?  So welcome to the 12th edition of An Inordinate Fondness, the monthly blog carnival devoted to beetles.  In […]

Pretty Picture Monday

Arg. Still fighting a sinus infection, and just not ready for Monday. How about some Shiny? This is from the Encyclopedia of Life Flickr pool.

And now for something completely different

Sorry to be a downer lately…I’m realizing that I have to go look for a job soon, and it’s rather a bummer. How about a pretty picture?  Ursja has uploaded more beautiful beetle photos! OMGSHINY!!

Pretty Picture Thursday

If you haven’t noticed it on Flickr yet, GunnerGirl has been doing a beautiful “beetle a day” series of sketches. You can see her entire series here, and it’s amazing.  I don’t know how she […]

Scholarship for youth beetle enthusiasts!

Just saw this on our 4H website: Youth Incentive Award Program (Entomology – Beetles) What: The Coleopterists Society provides two cash awards of $150, and up to $200 (Junior Award) and $400 (Senior Award) of […]

Fireflies and Citizen Science

I’ve covered some of the concern about disappearing fireflies before here at the Bug Blog. Because fireflies tend to live and breed in damp and swampy areas, they have been very affected by habitat loss […]

The other beetle-hunter

Today, July 1st, 150 years ago, the joint paper of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace was read to the Linnean Society of London: “On the tendency of species to form varieties, and on the […]

Lovely Larvae

Mmmm…..these look very yummy! The really amazing detail includes spiracles, and on some, ocelli. Thanks to Laughing Squid for the info on this bakery in Japan. Visit LS for more links and photos. Strangely enough, […]