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An entertaining college memory

When I was a freshman at Texas A&M…a train FULL OF BEER derailed on campus. It was clearly a sign from GOD. Or something. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me. That was […]

Universities in Trouble

One thing that has made my new job even harder is dealing with the financial fallout in Michigan as it affects state and university budgets. A review of several books that deal with University funding […]

On the road again…

Last week I spent in the woods with a bunch of first-year college students….and now I’m going to travel to the University of Minnesota Field Station in Itasca and do it again. It wouldn’t be […]

Michigan: You didn’t really need a student loan, did you?

Cripes. Michigan continues to swirl around the drain: Michigan Higher Education Student Loan Authority suspends it’s participation in Federal Student loans (PDF) “Due to the ongoing turmoil in the capital markets MHESLA is forced to […]

Weekly WTF: Hate group not in violation of MSU policy

I really didn’t expect this. “A Michigan State University investigation has concluded that two conservative student groups did not violate the university’s anti-discrimination policy.” You can actually download a copy of the report, minus some […]

Good Michigan news, for a change

Following on the happy news that the speech by racist Jared Taylor would be canceled, the student behind the Young Americans For Freedom group at MSU is stepping down: “EAST LANSING – Kyle Bristow, the […]

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Weekly WTF: More Michigan Stupidity

Waggle of the antennae to Feministing for the tip: Feminism is to blame for forcing women go to college. WTF is going on with college kids in Michigan? This article was in a student newspaper […]

Snow and NeoNazis

We actually got our first snow last night. I began to finish up a post about mosquito control today, and then I realized that no one in the Midwest really has an urgent need to […]

Weekly WTF: Racism, students, and Facebook

You know, the ability of people to do incredibly stupid racist shit, and then say “We were just kidding!” never ceases to amaze me. This week’s exhibit comes to you via Smoking Gun: A bunch […]