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“Scientifically Accurate” Spider-man (is not accurate)

What can Spider-Man’s detachable penis teach us about science communication?

spinnerette panel


An awesome comic about a graduate student with spider DNA

The horrible truth about Spiderman’s Anatomy

I was on a panel a few weeks ago discussing mutations, and what they can and cannot do.  Spider-man was one of the topics, because the sad truth is that the Comics industry has conspired […]

Ant-Man: The movie?

Some time back I reported on a plan to convert the Ant Man comic into a movie.  Updates from Comic-Con suggest that movie is back in development!  It currently has a 2014 release date. Ant-Man first appeared […]

Comic Villain: The Bug-Eyed Bandit

W00t! MightyGodKing brought another insect super-villain to my attention:  The Bug-Eyed Bandit. A dude with the catchy name of Bertram Larvan, he is listed as having two superpowers: Entomology and Robotics. Now, leaving aside for […]

Insect Comic Villains: Killer Moth!

I am always interested in the ways in which insects infiltrate into pop culture, and here’s another comic book villain from the Golden Age (1951): Killer Moth! He had a rather strange fashion sense, rather […]

Tree Lobsters: The Comic

OMG. There are no words for how awesomely awesome this is.  I mentioned tree lobsters at Skepchick because…Tree Lobsters! What do I need to say, really? Steve made this comment: I’d like to see a […]

Comic Heroes: The Red Bee

I’ve written before about various insect-themed comic heroes, and here’s a new one from 1956: The Red Bee. He appears to be distinguished by….extremely poofy pink sleeves and striped tights. Hmm.  The Red Bee was […]

Productivity, prepare to meet your doom

Because I just spent HOURS playing with this online superhero generator, and I predict you will too. It took a little work to get her to the appropriate level of….zaftigness. Mr. Bug Girl says it […]