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Earth Encyclopedia

I’m just getting around to processing all the stuff I picked up in August at the Ecological Society meetings. One of the things I meant to post was the Encyclopedia of Earth.  It’s meant to […]

Hunting season!

Yep, it’s gun season now in Michigan. In addition to the sounds of an OK Corral gun fight in our neighborhood, there are other signs. For example, I was behind a minivan with 2 dead […]

West Nile Virus and Birds

A new review paper out in Bioscience documents the spread of West Nile Virus in the US–and the toll on birds. If you don’t work with birds, or the disease itself, you tend not to […]

Lepidoptera Scholarships!

The Joan Mosenthal DeWind Awards 2009 “The Xerces Society is now accepting applications for two $3,750 awards for research into Lepidoptera conservation. The DeWind awards are given to students who are engaged in research leading […]

Butterflies and Barry White

Doug of Gossamer Tapestry gets some nice news coverage of his efforts to help re-establish Swamp Metalmarks via captive breeding (hence the Barry White reference).  There’s even some video! “The endangered swamp metalmark butterflies that […]

Bush guts Endangered Species Act

Well, surprise, surprise. In his last few months of office (155 days left!!), Bush takes the opportunity to screw things over once again: “The administration of US President George W. Bush has proposed revisions to […]

USDA and Conservation Reserve Losses

I blogged about the Conservation Reserve program before; basically it’s a program that pays farmers to not till highly-erodible or wetland areas, and encourages them to plant native prairie or trees. (This program was recently […]

Monarch World Heritage Site!

UNESCO has just added the Monarch Reserve in Mexico to its list of World Heritage sites! “8 July – The World Heritage Committee, meeting for its 32nd session, finished inscribing new sites on UNESCO’s World […]

Coffee And Conservation

I’m a fan of the C&C blog, and I really wanted to have more people read this post, with an awesomely delivered smack-down to Sara Lee, for their new line of “sustainable” coffee. “The statement […]