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Frogs and Road Kill

A new(ish) article (Feb 2008 ) out in Herpetological Conservation and Biology (PDF) finds that a staggering amount of amphibians in the Midwest are roadkill. The total list of all the vertebrate things killed on […]

I got to play with a Smart Car!

This kind of a smart car, that is. The good stuff: OMG Cute!! It’s a ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) The place it’s manufactured is energy conscious, and there is a recycling program The coupe […]

Conservation Reserve Losses

A lot of people that aren’t aggie nerds like me have never heard of NRCS, or the conservation reserve programs. Until the New York Times covered them, anyway: Thousands of farmers are taking their fields […]

Science and Public Policy Survey

You might have heard of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation as a sponsor for NPR or PBS shows about nature or environmental issues. They have awarded a grant to The Keystone Center to conduct a […]

Golfer kills migratory raptor

One unexpected benefit of my travel was that I actually saw this story on CNN whilst trapped in an airport. I would have missed it otherwise, since I don’t watch much TV.  I was going […]

Bumblebees in peril

The Xerces Society has put a call out for entomologists and naturalists to help document the host ranges–and declines–of several native bumblebee species: “In the late 1990’s, bee taxonomists started to notice a decline in […]

Managing habitat for pollinators

The Xerces Society has a new (and lovely!) publication out: Pollinators in Natural Areas: A Primer on Habitat Management “This primer provides a summary of how land managers can protect and provide habitat for bees, […]


I’m still super busy, so don’t look for many posts from me for a while! While I’m out, I’ll let you read about the 2008 Butterfly-A-Thon, a project to promote Xerces Society’s efforts to protect […]

Mexico acts to protect Monarchs

Mexico takes action to try to stop illegal logging: “The 50 million peso (US$4.6 million, €3.1 million) plan will buy equipment and advertising for the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a 124,000-acre (50,180-hectare) wooded park in […]