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Pardon me–is this stool taken?

Entomology has a unique advantage over other sciences.   Physicists like to boast about their giant Hadron, but they needed the help of large federal programs to get it up. Entomologists know that it’s not all […]

Extraterrestrial Cows

I just love the internet. 20 years ago I only had random paper flyers to alert me of some of the crazier things that folks on the fringe believe.  Now…they can register a domain, and […]

Hint for tour guides

Step. Back. From. the. Cow. Much hilarity today when giving a tour of our dairy–I was explaining our free stall system and how we manage milking. Whilst gesturing at the cows’ bedding, one stuck her […]

Please do not ask me to inseminate your cow

Because, apparently, I’m not very good at it, based on my performance today. I am good, however, at generating many hilarious photos. Not terribly flattering, mind you, but funny.