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Christian Identity: The scary religion you don’t know about

Sadly, Michigan is home to an awful lot of racist bastards with guns.  The Hutaree group arrested in May 2010 for stockpiling guns and explosives is a pretty good example.  Once again,  Americans were shooting […]

I cleaned my office….and found freaky sh!t.

Since, in THEORY, I will have a new job sometime this year (still looking), I thought this might be a good time to start trying to clean up my office.  I re-discovered a whole bunch […]

Another reason the “Ark Park” is a bad idea

Animal Welfare. I have mentioned before that in my current position I’m responsible for the welfare of both cows and captive wild animals. What I haven’t talked about is that there is a HUGE amount […]

Vote: is it ok to post student essays?

OMG. I just found a folder with a whole bunch of things I saved from the early 90s, when I was a new Assistant Professor teaching Evolution. I had forgotten I was a “CHILD OF […]

Extraterrestrial Cows

I just love the internet. 20 years ago I only had random paper flyers to alert me of some of the crazier things that folks on the fringe believe.  Now…they can register a domain, and […]

Project Steve

From a press release from the National Center for Science Education: “With the addition of Steven K. Nordeen on September 5, 2008, NCSE’s Project Steve attained its 900th signatory — and the Steveometer is now […]

Teach the Controversy

PZ highlighted a great t-shirt, but he missed the best one, which I have shown here: Why aren’t we teaching the Truth about the Scarab beetle, Khepri? “the Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle came […]

Science Smackdown

Is it bad that I really enjoy it when silly people get what’s coming to them? Kevin of The Other 95% delivers an awesome rebuke to someone from the Discovery Institute (Yes, the Creation Loony […]

Tonight on PBS: Judgement day!

Don’t miss Nova’s Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial tonight, Tuesday, 11/13, from 8-10 pm. It’s a documentary on the Kitzmiller v Dover case. (It’ll also be available on the Nova website starting Friday, 11/16.) […]