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Ento Box

Some time ago, I got an email from a student in the UK working on an Entomophagy project: “I’m a postgraduate design student studying at the Royal College of Art in London, who is currently […]

Do Schools kill creativity?

I have to tell you, my creativity is pretty much nil right now, but that’s a function of overwork and too little sleep. I’m still trying, though, and  getting ready to write grants to fund […]

An automated louse feeder

Recently, someone wrote to Skepchick and declared: “Creativity will never come from the skeptics corner.” This is someone who clearly hasn’t actually practiced science, because every single project I’ve ever been involved with has involved […]

Creative suggestions needed

I am trying to think of something creative to do with 300+ now defunct business cards. There is writing on both sides, BTW. Help! Ideas? The trip out to the Biological Station has been fairly […]