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New Malaria research: insecticide cross-resistance

Several new papers in the open-access journal Malaria discuss the thorny problem of insecticide resistance. I’ll give you the paper citations, abstract summaries, and a (mostly) non-technical translation in this post. The monitoring of insecticide […]

Dying to be Heard

I wanted to plug a student production from Michigan State that was actually picked up by PBS, and has won multiple awards:   Dying to be Heard “Dying to be Heard tells the story of Michigan […]

Why we failed on Malaria

Yeah. What he said: “The war against malaria in tropical countries was fought and lost in the 20th Century on the basis of faulty intelligence, a ‘dodgy dossier’ which argued that the same methods used […]

A different kind of “horny”

This sad story of a theft of rhinocerous horns from a museum has a twist: “Two 19th century rhino horns stolen from a South African museum could be deadly if sold as a popular aphrodisiac […]

DDT conference in Michigan

Wag of the antennae to Millard Fillmore for finding this: Eugene Kenaga International DDT Conference on Environment and Health DDT: What We Know; What Do We Need to Know? On March 14, 2008, Alma College, […]

American Chemical Society discusses DDT

in a “Perspectives” article in Environmental Science and Technology. Regrettably, the primary entomologist they talked to was Donald Roberts, who is about as Pro-DDT as you can get. Although Roberts is quoted heavily, as a […]

Will the internet doom us all?

I read a very interesting book review today at the Academic Commons. “Andrew Keen insists he is neither anti-technology nor anti-progress. Yet this veteran of the dot com era begins his recent book, The Cult […]

New article on Rachel Carson and DDT

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), one of the most interesting magazines out there, has a new article on the “Rachel Carson is evil/DDT will save the planet” insanity in the media. I think they […]

An odd email campaign by Africa Fighting Malaria

I and a whole bunch of other bloggers were contacted this week by the Astroturf group Africa Fighting Malaria. They wanted us to know a new paper had been published about DDT: “This information was […]