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Blowing on Bats. For Science.

No, that’s how you find them. IT’S SCIENCE.

Time Flies

A neat project that uses flypaper, flies, and a fuel cell to power a clock! It’s based in part on the idea of a carnivorous plant.  8 dead flies = 12 days of clockworks.

The Amityville Bug House

So, the Amityville Horror was a bad book, a crappy movie, and all around bullshit. But…some days at the Bug House, I can totally relate to the scene with the flies (video here; start at […]

Pretty Picture Wednesday

I am still too geeked from the inauguration to write anything (this is a pretty good description of how I feel–total emotional rollercoaster). How about a pretty photo of a moth fly? These tiny little […]

Not A Bee FAIL #2

Ugh. Almost half of the “bees” in this honeybee news story slideshow are, in fact, flies. I’m really hoping that these are photos contributed by the public, and not part of the original article. Sigh. […]

Out Sick

Ugh. Sinus Infection. Antibiotics making me sicker. How about another cute photo of a bee fly to tide you over until I am upright again? (Diptera: Bombyliidae, Bombylius major ) Thanks Maxi Millipede for the […]

Things that aren’t bees (#3)

Here’s one of my favorite bee mimics–the bee fly, Family Bombyliidae.  These little balls of fuzz are amazing flyers, able to hover at will.  They typically don’t land on a flower while feeding, but hang […]

Things that aren’t bees (#2)

Yesterday, I discussed a common group of flies that mimic bees and wasps. Here’s a more challenging mimic. This one is also a fly, but a pretty convincing fake bumble bee! In fact, there is […]