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Stream pollution makes mosquitoes happy

This week the Ecological Society of America is having their annual meeting, and several papers of entomological interest have been presented. One found that increased pollution in urban streams leads to increased mosquito populations: “Luis […]

Not all mosquitoes are the same

Welcome to the second day of World Malaria Day [week] at the Bug Blog! I’ve talked several times about the way in which different mosquitoes respond differently to pesticides for malarial control, but here’s a […]

West Nile Virus and Birds

A new review paper out in Bioscience documents the spread of West Nile Virus in the US–and the toll on birds. If you don’t work with birds, or the disease itself, you tend not to […]

Vectors of Disease online course

Tulane is offering a free web course: “Vectors of Disease in Disasters“. “The course not only covers the description of the principal vectors encountered in times of disasters, such as the typical species of rats, […]

World Malaria Day

(Actually, World Malaria Day 2008 was yesterday; I just got involved in some stuff that kept me from posting this until today.) “World Malaria Day is an opportunity for malaria-free countries to learn about the […]

Pubic Lice: “Sea monkeys in your pants”

Everything is a fetish on the internet. EVERYTHING.

Chagas disease in the blood supply

In case you missed it, NPR had a segment on the presence of Chagas’ disease in the American blood supply two weeks ago. Chagas’ disease is transmitted primarily by a true bug, Triatoma infestans, and […]

Insects in the News #22

Several new papers came out in the New Public Library of Science (PLOS) Neglected Diseases Journal: New approach to treating Chagas Disease I’ve been meaning to write about Chagas for a while; this study reports […]

Malaria in the news

Two papers came out in the last couple of weeks that concern malaria and mosquitoes. In the first paper, the role of bromeliads as a breeding site for vectors of malaria in South America was […]