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Pardon me–is this stool taken?

Entomology has a unique advantage over other sciences.   Physicists like to boast about their giant Hadron, but they needed the help of large federal programs to get it up. Entomologists know that it’s not all […]

Fossil Dung Balls

Once again, very busy, but I had to write this, just for the post title.  From a news release: “A new study of 30-million-year-old-fossil ‘mega-dung’ from extinct giant South American mammals, published in Palaeontology, reveals […]

Teach the Controversy

PZ highlighted a great t-shirt, but he missed the best one, which I have shown here: Why aren’t we teaching the Truth about the Scarab beetle, Khepri? “the Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle came […]