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How to make a giant aluminum ants’ nest

Details about that amazing aluminum nest cast photo that is making the rounds. It’s SCIENCE!


A fabulous new development in louse control! I’ve written before about the problem of head lice becoming resistant to commonly used pesticides, making treatment much more difficult.  A new device received approval from the FDA […]

Teaching Resources Online for Ecology

Some of you have already found TIEE, but if not…You can find a huge wealth of info and teaching tips at the Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology website. Many open-access articles and some great […]

Biocontrol and unanticipated consequences

An interesting story (and podcast!) in the news today: Biocontrol agents, such as insects, are often released outside of their native ranges to control invasive plants. …As early as 1971, U.S. scientists began releasing gallflies […]

Ecology Digital Library

A message from the Ecological Society of America–I know a lot of folks have lovely images on their blogs, and thought they might consider contributing. Do you have digital images – including photos, figures, or […]