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Think TV science sucks? Here’s how you can help fix it

Please support this kickstarter project to make an amazing insect and science educational film

photo of Minions

Outreach in Unusual Places

I was lucky enough to be part of a series of sessions at ScienceOnline this January that discussed Science Outreach. It should tell you a little about how hectic my life has been lately that […]

What is Natural Selection?

There is another video in the wonderful collaboration between Stated Clearly and Bird and Moon comics! Also, amazingly, I seem to have posted the earlier video about Evolution over at Skepchick, but not here! Check […]

The mystery of sexual nomenclature

I have been cleaning frantically as I try to get ready for my last day of work. This means I have uncovered a huge array of strange and fascinating items, which I will now share […]

Evolution: Education is FREE again!

Good news! The journal Evolution: Education and Outreach is open access again. There is, regrettably, a one year embargo before the contents are available, but at least it will eventually be available to everyone.  You […]

The Bug Chicks: Insect Strength

I am on the road again, so how about another visit from the Bug Chicks? In this video they discuss some astounding insect feats of strength.  And…DONUTS!!

Spiders and Fear (and the Bug Chicks!)

I was very entertained by this–hopefully it’s a series that will continue!  This video addresses some common fears about spiders, and addresses why they aren’t that scary!

Weekly World News…online!

Google Books has given me a late present–many past issues of WWN are now online! Readers of WWN (via the grocery checkout isle, anyway) will remember that they often feature amazingly badly pasted together stories […]

Update on the Donors Choose Challenge!

The Donors Choose Challenge is now over, and the project to get more nature bloggers involved was a success!! The total amount given for the Nature Blogs Group was $5,170.  That put our group at […]