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Bug Camp!

I don’t help with this, but I know the kids that attend love it! Each year, the MSU Bug House holds summer camps to introduce children to the wonderful world of insects. Michigan State University […]

Do Schools kill creativity?

I have to tell you, my creativity is pretty much nil right now, but that’s a function of overwork and too little sleep. I’m still trying, though, and  getting ready to write grants to fund […]

Why is Science Important?

I just stumbled across this website–which also has a very interesting film.  The filmmaker, Alom Shaha, is a teacher; here’s what he says about the project: “I’ve started this film and blog project in which […]

Bee Course!

The Bee Course is a workshop offered for conservation biologists, pollination ecologists and other biologists who want to gain greater knowledge of the systematics and biology of bees. From the course description: “The field of […]

15 Evolutionary Gems

Nature has just released a free PDF file that summarizes some historic evidence for evolution: Readers will find at http://www.nature.com/evolutiongems a freely accessible resource for biologists and others who wish to explain to students, friends […]

End of the Year Donors’ Choose update!

I am really excited to report that the Donors Choose Blogger Challenge was a huge success! Yesterday I got a surprise package from Donors Choose, and this info: $276,171 in donations to classroom projects reaching […]

New issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach

The latest issue has been published, and is still open access! This issue focuses on the evolution of the eye.  From “Misconceptions about the evolution of complexity“: “Despite data and theory from comparative anatomy, embryology, […]

New Evolution/Educational resources

A bunch of new FREE stuff out from AIBS: “The teaching and learning resources compiled for the fifth annual evolution symposium and educator workshop, “Illuminating Biology: An Evolutionary Perspective,” held in October at the National […]

Scholarship for youth beetle enthusiasts!

Just saw this on our 4H website: Youth Incentive Award Program (Entomology – Beetles) What: The Coleopterists Society provides two cash awards of $150, and up to $200 (Junior Award) and $400 (Senior Award) of […]