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Ento Box

Some time ago, I got an email from a student in the UK working on an Entomophagy project: “I’m a postgraduate design student studying at the Royal College of Art in London, who is currently […]

How to make sure you are never invited to another potluck. EVER.

Ah, the Holidays. The season when introverted curmudgeons like me….are fairly miserable and awkward, actually.  I’m not good enough at small talk to do well at holiday gatherings: “What are you doing for Christmas?” “Um….lamenting the […]

Don Bugito (and edible insects)

It’s been a really great month for entomophagy (bug eating)!  Daniella Martin of Girl Meets Bug headlined a big special edition of the San Francisco Weekly that was also picked up by NPR.  I really liked this […]

Stuff the ballot box….with ants!

Mark Moffet is up for a Labby award for this video.  Go vote! The weaver ants of Angkor Wat Cambodia are a local delicacy, and Mark attempts to get some tourists to sample them.  Warning: […]

Can eating insects prevent malnutrition?

A wonderful symposium on Entomophagy from the 2010 Entomological Society of America National Meeting is now (mostly) online in a series of videos. I think one of the most interesting was from a a pediatric […]

Eating Fulgorids in Madagascar

A fun video about eating insects in Madagascar! (I have to say, I’m with him on the eel. I’ve never liked them the few times I’ve had them.  They taste like they look–slimy.) Here’s more […]

Mid-week Insect Recipe!

Need to use up the very last of your summer tomatoes? How about some waxworm tacos? This video is part of Girl Meets Bug, a project by Danielle Martin.  I think she’ll be the next […]

Guest Blogger: David Gracer

Hey Everyone! I invited David over to announce some exciting entomophagy news–a way to get all the past issues of the Food Insects Newsletter!   Here’s what David has to say: “It’s a great day for […]

Cooking the (bug) bread

Here’s the update on the bread–with photos! The JTB bread turned out pretty good, although it (as usual) tends to rise in the middle to form a dome-shaped loaf, no matter what type of pan […]