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Ecology Digital Library

A message from the Ecological Society of America–I know a lot of folks have lovely images on their blogs, and thought they might consider contributing. Do you have digital images – including photos, figures, or […]

Reminder: Thursday Debauchery in Milwaukery

Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that as a Part of the Global Skepchick World Domination Project™, Elyse will be joining me and a few insect and/or Skepchick fans at the “Knuckles” bar in this hotel […]


No, not more about insects and porn! This is one of the things I learned about at the Entomology meetings. Bugwood is a huge network to store and index Creative Commons photos and resources for […]

I may be away for a while…

I’m off to the Entomological Society meetings, so posting may be a bit spotty over the next week. I did pack shorts, since the weather report said there would be a high of 60 degrees […]