Natl. Pollinator Week: a perplexing question

So, this week is National Pollinator Week, and there are lots of neato resources available for free online via the Pollinator Partnership.

That’s great.
But here is something that I have a great deal of cognitive dissonance about:

When you look at the partner page for corporate sponsors of this week and the partnership itself, you find some names you’d expect: Burt’s Bees, Häagen-Dazs, Whole Foods, etc.  There are also some surprising sponsors.

Specifically: Orkin is a sponsor.

Orkin has been “keeping pests in their place for over 100 years.”

Now, here is the dilemma I see facing the Pollinator Partnership.  They have a great message…but no money.  They have a potential sponsor…but it’s an extermination company that benefits from people’s fears of insects.  Orkin commercials, while often quite funny, definitely rely on very creepy images of roaches being in your face.  They are entomophobia peddlers, if you will.

Orkin also sponsors an insect zoo at the Smithsonian.
They have a Junior Pest Investigator curriculum that is free (after you give them a lot of personal information.)

So, while Orkin’s primary business is killing insects, they do give a lot of money away.  Non-profits need money.
And so Orkin sponsors Pollinator Week and the Pollinator Partnership.

One of the biggest issues I have with Orkin is the phrase “The Orkin Man™”.
Yes. It is a trademarked phrase.
And it’s a MAN.  Because manly men are the only ones who can take care of your infestations.  *sigh*

What do you think? Does having Orkin as a sponsor harm the message of the Pollinator Partnership?