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Vote: is it ok to post student essays?

OMG. I just found a folder with a whole bunch of things I saved from the early 90s, when I was a new Assistant Professor teaching Evolution. I had forgotten I was a “CHILD OF […]

Evolution: Education is FREE again!

Good news! The journal Evolution: Education and Outreach is open access again. There is, regrettably, a one year embargo before the contents are available, but at least it will eventually be available to everyone.  You […]

Women in Science Symposia

Wanted to broadcast this out to any newly-minted PhDs out there: Women Evolving Biological Sciences Women Evolving Biological Sciences, or WEBS, is three-day symposium on the retention of female biologists and the transition of women […]

New issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach!

The latest issue of EEO is out! This issue has several essays by teachers in public schools.  I was especially struck by this one: I am a special education teacher in a middle school, though, […]

More free Journals!

In case you missed it–NCSE is now offering all back issues (1980-1996) of the Creation/Evolution Journal online, free, as PDFs! Also, many of the articles are online in HTML format too.  Example: Gene Kritsky’s article […]

Happy Birthday Darwin

I thought a long time about what I could write for Mr. Darwin–but I really just don’t have anything I think will do him justice. How about you check out the Brand New edition of […]

Extraterrestrial Cows

I just love the internet. 20 years ago I only had random paper flyers to alert me of some of the crazier things that folks on the fringe believe.  Now…they can register a domain, and […]

15 Evolutionary Gems

Nature has just released a free PDF file that summarizes some historic evidence for evolution: Readers will find at http://www.nature.com/evolutiongems a freely accessible resource for biologists and others who wish to explain to students, friends […]

Tree Lobsters!!

Tree Lobsters. What an awesome name. And something that Steven Colbert should clearly fear more than bears! They drop from the trees and snap at you!   AAAAAGH! Um, they would. If they were really lobsters […]