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A Brief Intermission

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while–I’ve been having an existential crisis. If you are only interested in bug stuff, come back in a few days. For the morbidly curious….

A brief Intermission

Wow, school has started with a bang, and I am swamped! I will be on the road for a meeting most of next week, so posting will be a bit spotty.  I still need to […]

Bad Alien Theatre

Ah, Labor Day weekend. I was going to get so much work done, and have lots of posts drafted so that I could return to a regular publishing status here. That didn’t happen, in part […]

I got nothin’

I have so many things that I want to write about– Entomophagy suddenly is hot! The middle east is revolting! The GOP is really, REALLY revolting! And about all I have time to offer is […]

Whither Goest the Bug Blog?

This will be a rather personal and introspective (i.e., navels gazed at) post, so if that isn’t your thing, just click away. You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. There’s a lot […]

Brain Droppings

Can I just say, I really, really miss George Carlin?  Anyway:  a roundup of random items and a vote! Item 1: Finally, after 2 years, we have an offer on the house!! We also did […]

Weekly WTF: “A spider made me kidnap you”

A weird (and despicable) version of the “Twinkie Defense”: A guy kidnaps and rapes a women, and claims that a funnel-web spider bite made him sick enough to do it. WTF elements abound in this […]

I totally suck at memes

I have completely lost track of how many memes I’ve been tagged with. I know Andrea tagged me months ago for a thinking blogger meme; Catalog of Organisms hit me with a viral chain letter, […]