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Vectors of Disease online course

Tulane is offering a free web course: “Vectors of Disease in Disasters“. “The course not only covers the description of the principal vectors encountered in times of disasters, such as the typical species of rats, […]


I have found a new spot to add to my “OMG I Must Go Here” list: The Waitmo Glowworm cave of New Zealand. These insects are a type of midge (fly) (Arachnocampa) that are bioluminescent […]

6 Parasites

Mental Floss has an interesting article about 6 different parasites, and an extremely entertaining trailer for an imaginary film to go with it! You’ll recognize some bits from MST3K movies in this, too…

Ask an Entomologist: Cluster Flies

In late fall (usually September and October) I always hear from friends that suddenly have tons of flies buzzing sluggishly around their house. They didn’t smell anything obviously dead, and are frustrated by the constant […]

Ask an Entomologist: Tumbu Flies

Having a nice weekend? Want to be creeped out? Hanna alerted me to another myiasis causing fly besides bot flies: Tumbu flies. (Myiasis is the fancy name for a maggot living under your skin.) These […]