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More about bees, money, and pollination

Holy Honey, Batman! I was linked to by Cnet! A bunch of people are visiting and wanting more information about bees, so here is a brief summary. Are honeybees alien invaders? Yes, they are! The […]

State Vegetables

Oklahoma just declared the watermelon its state vegetable. Except….um….IT ISN’T A VEGETABLE!!! Sigh. Cue “ripened ovary” speech. “The controversy on whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable has been officially decided by the Oklahoma Legislature,” […]

Amazing Mantis Ice Sculpture

Via neatorama: This sculpture was carved from a single block of ice for the World Ice Carving Championship in Alaska. Definitely visit the link to be amazed, and see closer views–I’m guessing that the sculpture […]

Curry Couscous, and other items.

Alas, gentle readers, I realized that most of my longer writing ends up over at Skepchick. Or, at least the writing that gets the most comments–see “Attack of the Scrotums” for evidence. I’ll have to […]

Challah Bread Recipe

I made this because I accidentally bought way too many eggs. It was surprisingly easy, and very yummy. We ate waaaay too much of this. 1/2 cup plus 2/3 cup warm water 2 tbs dry […]

Recipe! Spinach Patties

This is from a book–I modified it because ML doesn’t like onions, and also because I refuse to cook with more than 5 ingredients. Too much work! :) I used Parmesan, since….we had it in […]