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spinnerette panel


An awesome comic about a graduate student with spider DNA

Fruit Fly Pun-ishment

Two scientists met at the coffee pot.  The first scientist complained with a sigh that his colony of fruit flies never mated in his glass test enclosure. Given that his experiment required several generations to […]

Facebook amuses me

So, Bug Girl joined Facebook, and I dutifully filled in my high school, college, and employer information. Which is how this happened: BWA hahahahah!

Highly Inappropriate Tuesday

For no real reason, a photo that made me laugh: Also, Jimbo thinks he has discovered the egg sacs of Dick Cheney in a DC neighborhood. Can someone with more expertise confirm his ID? They […]

An entertaining college memory

When I was a freshman at Texas A&M…a train FULL OF BEER derailed on campus. It was clearly a sign from GOD. Or something. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me. That was […]

Simon’s Cat: Fly Guy

I love, love, love these cartoons. And here’s one that has Entomology in it!  (sort of.)

Mosquito Thriller

In case you missed it on my Twitter stream..a tribute to Michael Jackson. In Alaska. With Skeeters. Field Biologists ROCK.  And I told you I was dressed accurately!!

Historic Tweets

Alas, life remains crazed, so how about I send you elsewhere for amusement today? Historical Tweets! This is their Darwin tweet. Several other people are in the historic twittering business; this one entertained me quite […]