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Michigan is interesting sometimes.

I am still very crazy busy, so thought I would recycle a post from 2005. I hope to be back to Bug Blogging soon.  This is one of my favorite stories to tell, and thought […]

LOL book review

Mr. Bug and I went to the discount book store after a traumatic tax session this afternoon. One section that’s always good for a laugh is the “Romance Fantasy” aisle, which anyone else would call […]

Bus Sign Generator fun

I’m sure somewhere you’ve heard about the silliness about dueling bus slogans in Britain and elsewhere. Now someone has created an online Bus Sign Generator.  You had ta’ know I’d go there: What can you […]

Michigan Entrepreneur: Buy my Death Ray?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the economy is seriously freaking me out. Michigan leads the US with the highest unemployment rate (over 10%), and just about everyone I know has at […]

Ant Protesters!

I spent yesterday afternoon chasing mute swans around in 2 foot deep snow, on a frozen pond, in waders, with a giant net on a pole. It was not an easy task. Big props to […]

Colbert, bees, and cows

I was just thinking “Gosh, we’ve been seriously lately at the Bug Blog….” Fortunately, Steven Colbert weighs in on the bee-cocaine experiments! (At 2:12) Bonus: before he gets to the honey, he explains how cow-tipping […]

Klaatu Barada Stinko

(I didn’t think of that post title myself, unfortunately. I stole it from this review.) I have no idea why Hollywood keeps redoing–and utterly ruining–good old movies.  The original is a wonderful Cold War classic […]

Nose Mucous Insect

I have been toying with learning Chinese, and I happened across one of those amusing intersections of my interests on a blog from a Canadian living in Hong Kong.  He was discussing what to call […]

The Customer isn’t always right

A little something for the weekend….. Those of us that work with the general public know that while people are probably perfectly lucid, there also are some that are clearly utter blocks of wood above […]