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Hint for tour guides

Step. Back. From. the. Cow. Much hilarity today when giving a tour of our dairy–I was explaining our free stall system and how we manage milking. Whilst gesturing at the cows’ bedding, one stuck her […]

Further Job Search advice

Spell check is NOT your friend.  Do not rely on it to accurately fix your mistakes: “I hope my application after the deadline does not incontinence you too greatly.” Um. Not really….. It was Global […]


It’s great to see some coverage of the International Entomology Conference in Durban. I’m pretty sure, however, that this is not a recognized order: Seven years since the discovery of the shy “heelwalkers”, entomologists still […]

Job seeker advice, part 2

If you are applying for a job that is an Assistant Mentor, or Graduate Assistant, or Assistant whatever, DO NOT send me a file named:  Ass.Cover.Letter.doc That is all. Related Posts:   Spellcheck is not […]

Teach the Controversy

PZ highlighted a great t-shirt, but he missed the best one, which I have shown here: Why aren’t we teaching the Truth about the Scarab beetle, Khepri? “the Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle came […]

“Small Carnivore Enema”

Again, one of the little  “I love being a scientist” emails that I get via a listserver: “We have been conducting a civet project in Indonesia for the past few years and are now looking […]

How to know when you hit the big time

When one of your posts is mentioned in News of the Weird! Specifically: Crab lice: are they a bug or a feature? There actually is a really interesting bit of history to be found in […]

Pardon me, Boy…

Is that your Vietnamese pot belly pig? Ok, maybe it’s a stretch for the Chatanooga ChooChoo reference. But I was sort of humming it all day today, so thought I would work it into this […]