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Pollinator Week Squee

Since it’s Pollinator Week, and we talked about Squee and cuteness yesterday, how about an adorable video from New Zealand about pollination?

It’s National Pollinator Week!

Once again, It’s time to celebrate the little animals that…facilitate plant sex by moving plant sperm around. I’ve discovered over time that a lot of people don’t actually know what pollination is, other than it’s something […]

Bees and Pesticides (again)

(Latest in my series of bee posts for Scientopia) The same day that I published my piece about bees and pesticides, the Pesticide Action Network released a report titled Honey Bees and Pesticides: State of the […]

It’s hard out there for a bee

“Bees gone” is not sufficient for a diagnosis of Death by CCD, if you are a CSI Apiarist.

Mercury in Birds and Bats

I want to highlight this research report for a couple of reasons.   First, it’s a summary of a lot of research on birds and bats–and it is alarming.  Major findings include: Current environmental mercury loads have […]

Planting for Pollinators? There’s an app for that

Now is the time to start planning and dreaming about your wonder-garden that will magically appear in the spring….once all the snow is gone.  Remember the immortal words of Michael Perry: “Seed catalogs are responsible […]

model beehive

Mark your calendars: National Moth Week!

National Moth Week is a new project celebrating moths and biodiversity in the US. July 23-29, 2012 Why moths? Moths can be found everywhere from inner cities to heavily forested remote areas.  You might dismiss […]