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A very ambitious snake

I spent this weekend up at the Kettunen Center teaching kids entomology. Man, is that a beautiful place! It really isn’t that much farther north, but the lake there is still frozen enough to do […]

More signs of spring

The peepers (and I think chorus frogs) are now in full swing–even with the windows closed, I can still hear them.  I’d really like to make some recordings of this–if any one has microphone or […]


  Spring peepers! (*runs in circles*) It’s official–it’s spring. Listen

All your crocus are belong to us.

  w00t! First crocus today! I am making some grading progress, but also ran across this quote: “It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from […]

Spring. Almost.

We had a high of 39 degrees F here today, and I actually saw a blade of grass peek out from the snow! I also saw 2 students walking around in parkas, flip flops, and […]