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Bed Bug Semantics

There is an interesting discussion going on in the media about bed bugs. Or, Bedbugs.  The issue is, is it one word or two? Traditionally (i.e, the last 100 years or so), entomologists are taught […]

LOL book review

Mr. Bug and I went to the discount book store after a traumatic tax session this afternoon. One section that’s always good for a laugh is the “Romance Fantasy” aisle, which anyone else would call […]


I discovered a new phenomenon this week–the apostrofly: “…the discovery of the apostrofly, first recorded in this column in the Guardian on September 30 2002. The apostrofly, as I noted at the time, is an […]

“quote marks”

Oooh, a whole blog about my favorite pet peeve: inappropriate use of quote marks. I can’t tell you how crazy it makes me that the produce at our local grocery has labels like: “Potatoes” (or, […]