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Christian Identity: The scary religion you don’t know about

Sadly, Michigan is home to an awful lot of racist bastards with guns.  The Hutaree group arrested in May 2010 for stockpiling guns and explosives is a pretty good example.  Once again,  Americans were shooting […]

Things not to forget

I was going to try to stay on the insect topic all week, but enough stuff keeps happening that I just can’t. On the 45th anniversary of the 16th Street Bombing, Angry Black Woman connects […]

Now for something completely different

I got nothing, so how about you amuse yourself with these photoshopped bookcovers? Most amusing! Other sources of amusement/bafflement: You could not make stuff like this up. “Two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual […]

A different kind of bug

Fagbug! What an awesome story of someone taking an act of hate and turning it into something positive. From a news article covering her story, and the rainbow makeover courtesy of Volkswagen: “Fag Bug has […]

Weekly WTF: Hate group not in violation of MSU policy

I really didn’t expect this. “A Michigan State University investigation has concluded that two conservative student groups did not violate the university’s anti-discrimination policy.” You can actually download a copy of the report, minus some […]

Michigan: #3 in hate crimes

I really wish I could say this surprises me: New FBI statistics showed hate crimes in Michigan — where incidents are third-highest in the nation — increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2006, rising […]