Tag: Home Disasters

Chorus Frogs!

I forgot to mention, in the excitement over the peepers, that they were joined almost immediately by Chorus Frogs. (You can listen to some Chorus Frogs here.) Both of them are creating a deafening chorus […]

A different kind of bee disaster

A truckload of bee hives overturns in California: “A big rig loaded with 440 colonies …. populated by 8 million bees flipped over onto its side on the onramp to northbound 99, scattering countless numbers […]

Michigan home prices: still in the dumper

I’m still trying to sell my house so I can skip my 150 mile commute to the new job–and not having much luck, despite dropping the price on the house over 20K since January 1. […]

Declines in outdoor activity continue

File this under “More depressing confirmation of what we already suspected”: O.R. W. Pergams and P. A. Zaradic. 2008. Evidence for a fundamental and pervasive shift away from nature-based recreation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, […]

Detroit in photos

Via Boing Boing, I found these amazing photos of the abandoned Detroit Public Schoolbook Depository. For someone like me who’s obsessed with books (and education), this is especially painful to look at. There is still […]

FSBO houses, radio, and other news

I listed our house at FSBO.com last night, and today I’m looking in our local newspaper…and discovering that over 150 houses are in foreclosure in my county alone. Oh dear. They aren’t kidding about Michigan […]

Snow, coming home, and back to work

Well, I’m back from the Entomology conference, and I’m now snug in my house, looking at the snow fall. (I also know for sure that I’m back in rural Michigan, because I can see my […]

Advice from the blogosphere needed

So, I basically have 3 days until I leave for the Entomological Society meeting. And I haven’t written anything other than the abstract for my poster (which I wrote in June).  The problem with posters […]

Michigan: economy still sucking

In case you missed it, NPR had a bit on All Things Considered tonight about just how bad Michigan’s economy is: 1 in 9 citizens receives food aid or other assistance We’re now tied with […]