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We now have a water feature

In our basement. Last night the pipe leading from the well pump to the reservoir tank suddenly burst, and because I was asleep, it just spewed water for a couple of hours. So instead of […]

Extra protein with your chocolate

I’ve been craving chocolate lately, but….: Chocolate munchers in South Korea were horrified to discover worms and moths crawling out of their favourite confectionery. Customers made the gruesome discovery when unwrapping the Chinese-manufactured chocolates, which […]

Labor Day Post: Flint Strikes in 1936

It’s Labor day, which usually means that anyone making minimum wage has to work overtime, while the rest of us shop and have BBQ. I thought this would be a good day to mention a […]

September is National Head Lice Awareness month!

Support your local head lice! Ok, maybe not. But do remember that fall is peak season for lice. In fact, estimates say between 6 to 12 million children are infected each year in the US. […]

A near miss!

yes, it was a bit rainy and windy here.

Population: 485

Author: Michael Perry Synopsis: Loosely joined essays about being a professional writer and a volunteer EMT in a small Wisconsin farming town. And hovercrafts. (no eels.) Bug Rating: I read and really loved the book […]

Teaching to the Test, Science Standards, and 4H

Found a 2 nice reviews of the book “Tested” at Kos. They pretty much outline all the things that make me crazy about No Child Left Behind: “Students are continuously reminded of the importance of […]

Strange new world

You know, not only do I now have to get used to a US in which we can torture people and there is no habeas corpus, but now apparently it’s ok for cops to steal […]

Colorado’s Picket Wire Canyon needs your help!

I wanted to help spread the word about something Dustin at Dysfunctional Analysis alerted me to. He wrote more eloquently than I can about how an the largest dinosaur tracksite in the US is about […]